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  • Jazz von Infadar : Belgian Show Champion 2013
  • Enya von Infadar : Nederlands Veteranen-kampioen 2013
  • Enya von Infadar : Belgisch Veteranen-kampioen 2014




Updated February 22, 2013.

Welcome on the virtual homebase of Infadar boxers.




Boxer Passion ...


We have owned boxers since the late '70's.
Since then we have trained and shown our dogs. We live in a wonderful remote area nearby the woods, which is ideal for our dogs, our  Arab and of course ourselves :)


Our first boxer, Vasco, was a non-pedigree dog. After him, we got Darras and Fadi after Tacha. With Fadi we participated in numerous shows in Belgium, Holland and Germany. Competition was extremely tough in those days and Fadi was known as the dog that always ended in second place...

In 1984 we were lucky to get the lovely Inca who was sired by our own Fadi After Tacha. She was what one would call an eyecatcher: golden brindle with perfect white markings and lots of attitude!

It's clear to see where the inspiration of our kennel name came from: In(ca) - Fa(di) - Dar(ras).

A year later, in 1985, we purchased Jarryd After Tacha who was by the famous Xanthos v.Bereler Ries and Goldie After Tacha. Jarryd was our first champion, he obtained the CQN and was crowned Belgian Champion in 1992. He lived to be nearly 14 years old.

Our first litter was born in 1990 out of Maya v.Bave-Loo and Jarryd After Tacha.

Currently we own 4 boxers: Enya, Hennes, Jazz and Jago and our Arab who thinks he's a boxer :-))

We do hope you enjoy your visit !

Staf & Lea Van den Bosch-Van Gysel
Vraagheideweg 63

2970 Schilde

+32(0)3 384 02 88






Ned. , Lux., German and International Show  Ch., Belgian and Dutch Veteran Champion : 

Enya v.Infadar 




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